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Season every part of the hen to ensure that there will be no bland pieces. Spices I used are simple and very common when you cook chicken or any type of poultry. Salt, pepper, paprika, oregano and garlic powder. Combine the seasonings in a small bowl & mix well. Spread mix all over the hens, lifting the legs & wings as needed to get underneath. Loosen the skin of the hens breast to prepare them for seasoning (to be added to both the hen’s meat and skin).

  • Cook didn’t make much for himself either (0.5 yards after contact per carry), so his offensive line isn’t the only culprit.
  • Air fryer Cornish hen makes this, once considered a delicacy, super accessible, and easy for everyone.
  • If you have hens with the giblets you will have to remove them from the cavity.

As a reminder, don’t use aerosol sprays in air fryers to coat the basket. Aerosol sprays damage the coating in air fryers. Instead, use a spritz bottle in which you can use your own oil, or brush on some olive oil with a pastry brush. Turn the hens halfway through cooking time. In order to brown the hens evenly, rotate them in the air fryer after about minutes.

The Vikings are currently 5-6 and in the position to grab the seventh and final NFC playoff spot, but there’s still a lot of football left. If they place Cook on IR, he won’t be back until Week 16 at the earliest, when the Vikings play the Los Angeles Rams on Dec. 26. If they opt to keep him off IR, he could be back whenever, but the assumption is that he’d miss two games and return on Dec. 20 when the Vikings face the Chicago Bears. For this, we need to break it down by the situation.

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Roast the game hens in the preheated oven for minutes, or until the hens are golden brown and have reached an internal temperature of 165°F and potatoes are fork-tender. Cornish Game Hens are petite birds that are a cross between Cornish and White Plymouth Rock chickens. They are usually between 1-2 pounds and fit easily onto a dinner plate.

Tee Higgins ruined a possession with offensive pass interference in the second quarter, and a third-quarter hold moved the Bengals out of field goal range. Speaking of talented backup running backs, Rachaad White was slated to start over the injured Leonard Fournette. White gained 64 yards on 14 carries, but was at his best in the passing game, where he caught all nine of his targets for 45 receiving yards. He was stuffed on a third-and-1 when the Buccaneers were down 10-7 in the opening half. Bill Belichick prides himself on having great special teams play, but that unit betrayed him and the rest of the roster in this game.

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In a large baking dish, arrange the herbs, celery, and onion. To make sure your Cornish hen stays hot during the resting time, cover the entire thing loosely with foil and place two clean dish towels Cooking Games – Kitchen Games over the top. When ready to air fry or bake the Cornish Hen, make a small slit on the hanging skin towards the bottom of the bird and insert the legs.

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Olive Oil – Oil helps the skin of the cornish hen to get crispy and browned. Looking for another dinner party entre to make in the air fryer? Try our recipes for Air Fryer Lamb Chops or Air Fryer Steaks next.

Using sharp kitchen shears, remove the backbone by cutting along either side of it. Press firmly on breast to flatten the chicken. For added stability, run a metal or wooden skewer horizontally, entering through one thigh, going through both breast halves, and exiting through the other thigh. Pepper, making sure to evenly distribute all over the hens. Bake for 45 minutes or until a meat thermometer shows 165 F in the thickest parts, like the thigh and breast. Allow to sit for 15 minutes under tin foil before serving.