Doctor removes 4 cm from toddler's brain: 4cm tumor

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Three-year-old Nigerian, Nisemi Odegiran, who was bed-ridden due to a tumour in her brain, can now walk properly, thanks to a team of doctors from Vashi’s Fortis Hiranandani Hospital.

Neurosurgeon Dr Ashok Hande who operated on Nisemi said, “The tumour, which was 4 cm in diameter, was right next to the brainstem which controls all important functions such as blood pressure, pulse, limb movements, respiratory functions, etc. Worse, it was firm and vascular. Even a slight touch to the tumour led to heavy bleeding.”

Nisemi’s mother Florence brought her to India after being told by doctors there that only a surgery would improve the toddler’s condition. Florence, who works as a caterer, said, “Initially her legs started wobbling.

Then she would vomit her food and regularly suffered from drowsiness and headache. Later, she became completely bed-ridden. I was told that surgery was the only option and since it was complicated, I wanted only experienced doctors to perform it.”

By the time Nisemi was flown to India her condition was so bad that the Fortis doctors had to operate on her immediately. In the five-hour surgery last week, Hande said Nisemi lost twice the volume of blood in her body. “After the surgery we had to keep her on ventilator for six days and constantly monitor her condition to avoid any infections or blood clots,” said paediatrician Dr Ashok Gawdi.

Hande said such large tumours are seen in a mere one per cent of all the brain tumour patients in the world.

“Nisemi looks fine now and is eating well. She is able to walk properly too,” said Florence.