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About Dr. Ashok Hande


I have been practicing neurosurgery for the past 25 years. Having worked with reputed hospitals in Mumbai like K.E.M. Hospital, Jaslok Hospital, Fortis Mulund, and Lilavati Hospital in the past, Currently, I am working only at Fortis (New Bombay), Apollo hospital (new Bombay), and Ruby Hall, Pune. At Fortis Hospital in Vashi, I am a part of a well-established stroke unit. With a vast body of experience and success in the field of neurosurgery, I have also been credited for pioneering neurosurgery in Navi Mumbai. 

Purva Medical Trust

Purva Medical Foundation is a non-profit organization registered with the Charity Commissioner, State of Maharashtra, India. The foundation was created to understand research, educate and inform the common man about paediatric strokes, a condition in which blood supply to a part of the brain is jeopardized. This is a fairly unknown ailment in children where an incidence rate of up to 8 per 1,00,000 cases per year is reported. Thanks to the increasing sensitivity and specificity of non-invasive imaging methods such as CT, MRI, MRIA and Cranial ultrasound, early diagnosis is possible.


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Navi Mumbai: For more than 20 years, Vashi resident Ruth Murzello (41) suffered from stiffness in lower back and pain in her legs.