About Us

Dr. Ashok Hande

My medical education began in 1977 at prestigious Seth G.S.Medical College and K.E.M.Hospital, Mumbai. The residency in neurosurgery began in 1986 in the same institute. Our institute had pioneered neurosurgery in central India since 1956. With Dr Dorab Dastur heading the department way back in 1956, it made rapid strides and very soon was recognized nationally and internationally. I had an opportunity to be associated with this esteemed department for 10 years under the mentorship of Professors Sunil Pandya, Ranjit Nagpal and Anil Karapurkar.

In neurosurgery, I had extensive exposure to most complex neurosurgical procedures, particularly for vascular and skull base tumor surgery. I have attained numerous fellowships abroad; among them in the year 1992, I had an opportunity to visit late Prof Kenichiro Sugita, a giant who pioneered vascular neurosurgery in Japan. Later I had an opportunity to visit Prof Stein in New York, another giant in skull base tumor surgery and intramedullary spinal cord tumors. These two fellowships greatly boosted my career in vascular and skull base tumor surgery back home in India. I happen to pioneer neurosurgery in New Bombay, where I am practicing since 1996.

I have special interest in surgery for brain stroke, particularly the revascularization procedures and neuro-rehabilitation. Today’s fast lifestyle, which is proudly called as an economic boost, has produced plenty of stroke victims (both brain and heart). Unfortunately, due to lack of awareness and the facilities, we have ever increasing population of brain stroke victims causing severe burden on the society. In an attempt to create awareness for brain stroke, we founded Purva Medical Foundation.