Trigeminal Schwannoma

Trigeminal Schwannoma is a benign tumor of the nerve sheath arising from the perineural schwann cells of the trigeminal nerve (5th cranial nerve). Trigeminal schwannomas are rare accounting for 0.07–0.3% of all intracranial tumors and 0.8%–5% of intracranial schwannomas. they usually present with facial pain, numbness and paresthesia in the distribution of one or all the divisions of the trigeminal nerve depending on the location of the tumor. MRI is the gold standard for evaluation of trigeminal schwannomas because of its multiplanar capabilities and better soft tissue contrast. It helps in diagnosis and in planning the surgical approach. Surgery is usually performed to remove schwannomas, although radiosurgery is commonly used for schwannomas, particularly if they are small.

After MRI Surgery
Residual tumour, which
was then treated with Radiosurgery